Thursday, July 28, 2011


I hope that Kayda's teacher is ready for this:
Kayda was so excited to go to school.  All morning long she kept asking when we were going.  Of course Kolby wanted to be a part of the picture taking.

 I think Kolby will be a little sad (or happy) to not have Kayda around all day.

Ready or not Mrs. Dailey, here she comes!


Christie & Dan said...

Cutest kindergartener around! I love love love her poses. :) Her teacher is going to have fun.

Lindsay said...

Hmmm...seems like I see a little (a LOT!) of her mother in that cute girl. She's going to rock kindergarten.

Kristal said...

um, dannng! That first little provocative pose. Saaaasy! I wish her and B could be in kindergarten together. He loves it. He loved Mrs. Young's much more than his kindergarten did I, but what can ya do?

Emmett said...

I think I have a vest like that one!

Anonymous said...