Sunday, April 03, 2011


So at the beginning of March we went to Disneyland.  It all started when my friend Beth suggested that we go when they were going.  I figured going with the frugal guru wouldn't be a bad idea.  We convinced ourselves that it was a good time to go since this was the last time to go before Kayda goes to school (and then having to go during the breaks like everyone else) and Kolby would be free.

The summary:

This picture explains alot about our trip: Kayda telling us where to go with her map and Kolby trying to run away.
Beth and Zak pushing Kayda and Jak around.

Kolby learning posing tricks from Kayda.

Although it doesn't look like it, Kolby was excited to meet Buzzlightyear.

Of course when Kayda saw this line of princesses, she didn't care about anything but following it.

 Kayda and Kolby were excited to meet Tinkerbell. (poor boy that has a girl for an older sibling)
 Kolby enjoying the rides.
A big pricess with a little one.

Somehow I was the adult that got voted to ride on all the spinning rides with the kids. Truthfully, I liked the rides but watching the faces on the kids was even better.

One of my favorite pictures!  We saw the Prince walking with the Fairy Godmother and asked if we could get a picture.  The Prince told Kayda to take his hand and we could take one in a better spot (he probably wanted to get farther away from crowds so they wouldn't all stop him, but I still say that he was being nice so I wouldn't have a picture that was facing the sun)
So, yes, I rode the Buzz ride too many times to count and rode the Nemo two more times than I wanted to, but I hope that it was a "magical" trip that we will have memories from forever.

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Allred's said...

wow, Disneyland looks so fun. I love the picture of the kids with the map...that is totally "blow-up and keep forever" worthy!!