Sunday, April 03, 2011


This is going to be a super long post with no pictures, so basically if you only check blogs for pictures you can skip this one. 
First off:  I know that my blog is mostly for me, but even sometimes I don't want to write things down. I am going to get over that (or at least try).  Last year I got off the blog wagon for a long time.  It was a really hard time for me.  Around October I found out that my oldest sister Maria had cancer.  I also found out that my mom had to do another round of chemo because her cancer levels were going up.  On top of that I found out that my husband needed surgery on his esophagus and remove his gall bladder.  Also at this time I was called to be in the Stake Young Women's Presidency.  They had a hard time finding a replacement  Primary Chorister so I was doing that calling and was still on our Relief Society Board Committee.  I truly felt like I was sinking, thus no blogging. 
Second: I like making New Years' Resolutions but this year I didn't feel like making any.  But, I do like having goals and I have determined to make April be my fresh start.  I figure that it is quite appropriate since it is month which we celebrate Christ's ressurrection and rebirth.  Some of my goals include: potty training (for Kolby),  getting more organized, and working on Personal Progress (again).
Third:  One of the other things that I have been meaning to do but haven't yet is to have more memory posts on this blog for when I get Alzheimers' and can't remember some things.  So I have decided to do a Flashback Friday.  This will allow me to post the posts I have been meaning to post and never got around to doing and also having a few posts of stories from the gool ol days.

So there it is.


Vickie said...

Oh Kit, I'm so sorry that cancer is being so mean to your family. Life can be difficult enough without all the extras that get piled up on top. But you'll figure a way to balance all the things you do. =)

bethany said...

I don't know how you do it all and still seem to have a positive attitude all the time!!

I'm looking forward to more blog posts (and if the potty training thing works out, let me know how to do it!!)

the Gardners said...

You have had a crazy time! I'm sorry. I can't believe you did all those callings at once, but I bet you are awesome at all of them and noone wanted to let you go! Love the new goals. Keep it up!

Crystal Ray Price said...

Kit! Thanks for this post. You are an inspiration to me. I love you! And I will always look up to you. Thanks so much for sharing the ups and downs of your life. It helps me to know that I'm not alone in my trials.
I will keep you in my prayers!

Allred's said...

what a crummy year...I am sorry it's been so hard, especially with the cancer. Having so many members of the family going through it, starts to wear on you.....and then multiple callings! You are such a strong person, I hope things get better soon!

Kristal said...

I love you kit! I miss you too. Get your kids and Jaden and come over!!!!! I'm excited for the flashback posts. I need to do that too. Even going back and raeding my 2006 blog book reminds me of things I've forgotten about (early Alzheimer's)
Can't wait for the posts!!!