Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents' Day

I am one of those lucky people whose birthday at times lands on a Holiday.  I don't mind sharing a birthday with the Presidents.  In fact growing up I liked getting out of school on my birthday because of the Presidents.
So this year instead of having a birthday party, we had a Presidents' Day party.

My mom and Ally helped the food inside, 
 the neices and nephews helped with the food outside,

and we all ate yummy food everywhere.
I was a little bummed that it decided to snow the couple days before my birthday, but it turned out to be great entertainment outside.
And we had our own entertainment inside.  Cherise helped me with the Presidents theme and we made Mt. Rushmore (the cute version)

Thank you Presidents and US citizens (friends andfamily) for a fun day!

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Maren said...

I love the cute version of Mount Rushmore!