Sunday, March 13, 2011


So little Kolby's hair grows like a weed and it fuzzy on top of that.  This means he has to get frequent haircuts.  One day Maren stopped by (last month) and commented it looked like it was time for another haircut so we pulled out the haircutting stuff.
Jaden got the clippers going and the fuzz got less and less.
It was team effort of  getting the face clean and the haircut.  Basically a whole new makeover.
Kolby doesn't looked to pleased in the after shot but he really was (or at least I was)
Then Kayda said it was time to cut her hair and donate it.  She has been talking about doing it for a long time.  Some of her cousins have done it before but more recently her cousin/idol Claire did it and Kayda was determined to cut her hair to donate it.
We made sure it was long enough and then we snipped off the ponytail.
I am no hairdresser, but Kayda does look super cute with short hair.
The after shot and my awesome girl.
After she cut it, she had to tell EVERYONE that she donated her hair (seriously EVERYONE she saw).  But, I don't blame her it was a great thing to do.

*before we cut her hair I researched different places to donate hair to and this was my pick:


bethany said...

I had no idea that you were the one that cut Kayda's hair Kit-you did a FANTASTIC job. It was so cute. I love that she donated her hair-what a great teaching moment.

Lindsay said...

I am impressed--cutting boy hair is one thing, but cutting and styling girls' hair is much harder.

Kayda looks so cute. Kudos to her for working hard for a good cause.

Allred's said...

wow, her hair looks so adorable cut, and it was such gorgeous hair to donate, what a great example she is...and so beautiful!