Friday, December 31, 2010

Super Duper Update

Yes, I am finally catching up for the rest of the year 2010. I probably have missed some highlights, but here is a quick overview.

Kayda was in the Rodeo Parade. She has always been good at waving to the people "in" the parade so it came naturally to wave to the crowds of people. Kolby enjoyed most of the parade (except for the scary clown). And of course Kayda was glad that Kolby shared some loot with her.

We had to make one more trip to one of our favorite summer spots. I finally got a picture of Jaden in jumping action. We tried a double person jump- it didn't quite work like I thought it might. Kolby thought that John and Maria were making the shade look good so he hung out with them for awhile. We always have fun with everyone who comes with us.

Finally we started working on our "mud room". We had the "brilliant" idea to do a concrete counter top. Jaden did an excellent job. So far our mud room looks better than it did, but it not quite done. (like most of our projects)

In September we went to Utah to surprise Jaden's mom for her birthday. We were lucky that Jaden's brother and nephew were traveling through Utah at the same time. We met at the Tucano's (my favorite restaurant) and did actually surprised Jaden's mom. (and, yes, Kayda is a carnivore like her mother).

While we were in Utah, my friend Beth (one of my favorite people in the world), wanted to get her photography businesses started so we were lucky enough to be one of her first projects. (and it sad to see the Provo Tabernacle in the background- I love that place!)

check out her work here:

In October we decided to do a big yard sale in Winslow for one of our favorite cancer patients. It was incredibly awesome and we were able to make some money. One my favorite moments was when my nephew, Braden, offered to help a man take something to his car. The man refused because he saw him on crutches. The man was a little shocked when Braden dropped the crutches and "miraculously" helped him carry his stuff to the car.

In October I was able to have my niece, Brittany, help me out with one of our community blood drives. I will say she is the cutest volunteer we have had.

Of course in October we had to do a family theme for Halloween. Me=Mother Goose , Jaden= Jack Horner, Kayda=Little Bo Sheep, Kolby= The lost sheep

Jaden did make a shoe for kids to put there heads in (Little Lady who Lived in a Shoe)

In November my nephew, Griffin, got baptized. It is crazy to see him grow up.

For Thanksgiving we were at my mom's house and I found a wandering Turkey (and snow!) on my car.

We used to take pictures of all the nieces and nephews on the stairway. It was fun to see how much the group has grown. This is my mom's "Fabulous Fifteen"

December of course full of activities. One of our favorite things all year long is to go to the library.

Kayda scored some snowflakes from her cousin Holly. We decided to create a Winterwonderland in her bed.

We also got to go to Cami and Emmett's Winter concert, which was awesome as always.

At the library the kids got to see Santa. Kayda decided that he was the real Santa. The reason: The real Santa gives gifts, the fake Santa just gives candy.

Some of my little singers at the ward party (where the "fake" Santa was)

On Christmas Eve we had the Hancocks come over and have dinner with us. Jaden read the story of Christ's birth from the Bible while the kids put up the nativity.

This year we decided to keep Christmas simple. It was awesome! Kayda said," This is just what I wanted" with every gift that she got. Kolby said,"Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Mom" with every gift - no matter who it was from.

This year has been full of ups and downs and I am always optimistic the next year will be a good one.


Kristal said...

ok, super long post. And I am jealous of everysinglepart of it!!!!!!!!!
I wanna hang out with you, I wanna be a Hunt! Just invite me sometime! PLEEEASSEE!! I'll pay!!!!

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