Friday, October 08, 2010

LadyBug Club

Still trying to catch up.

Every year my mom does a "Lady Bug Club". It is for her little grand daughters (and sometimes a little cricket boy is allowed to the bunch) and they all anticipate it. WHY?



Getting matchy matchy hats,




Playing Games,
Playing outside,

and Going to Maren's Storytime.

That is why it is a highlight of the summer.
I love my Mom and I am thankful for all the time she puts into her kids and grandkids! I know that my kids will always talk about their fun times at Lady Bug Club. Maybe someday I will have my own Lady Bug Club. . . well, when I get a couple more spots.


Ally said...

age spots?

The Hunts said...

good times! i'm glad U still blog. I need to take more pics!

Kristal said...

I wanna be in the lady bug club...badly! Best Grandma EVER!!!
Um, and Kolby's face in the hat picture....haha, he's awesome. And you're face in the craft picture. ditto!
You guys are just the best. We need to plan another nifty fifties trip! SOON!

bethany said...

So, I was going to comment on the Super Duper Update, but it seems to be missing....

Too bad my kids have absolutely no cousins and so don't get to have cool things like Ladybug Club. Can my kids be your kids' cousins?

The Hunts said...

I haven't checked my blog in so long, that I missed these pictures! Thanks for sharing. I Love these pictures!

The Hunts said...

Kinda confusing with "The Hunts said" I looked at the post by The Hunts, and was puzzled for a moment, not remembering that I posted something, until I realized that it was The John Hunts, not the Duane Hunts. LOL. Glad that I'm not totally loosing my mind. LoL