Friday, October 08, 2010

LadyBug Club

Still trying to catch up.

Every year my mom does a "Lady Bug Club". It is for her little grand daughters (and sometimes a little cricket boy is allowed to the bunch) and they all anticipate it. WHY?



Getting matchy matchy hats,




Playing Games,
Playing outside,

and Going to Maren's Storytime.

That is why it is a highlight of the summer.
I love my Mom and I am thankful for all the time she puts into her kids and grandkids! I know that my kids will always talk about their fun times at Lady Bug Club. Maybe someday I will have my own Lady Bug Club. . . well, when I get a couple more spots.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Kayda has been into hopscotch lately. Who doesn't enjoy a good game of hopscotch?
Well, I guess the one I made just wasn't challenging enough.

This is the Kayda version of hopscotch.
(Yes, it helps playing in PJs)
Even Kolby was into it.
Or maybe he got dragged into doing it.

Either way we all had fun playing the extended version (even if I had to play by "Kayda rules" and not by the real rules).