Monday, September 27, 2010

Road Trip

I am way behind on blogging things! The sad thing is that I uploaded these pictures a long time ago but never blogged.
SO, when Maren was leaving to Seattle I was thinking of going with her to have a travel companion. I then found out that my dad and was going to go with her to Cali where her room mate would fly to and drive with her the rest of the way. Therefore, I changed my mind (who likes to be a third wheel?) Somehow my awesome husby ended up buying me a ticket to fly from Seattle home and used some of his time off to be a stay-at-home dad.

Day 1
We drove to California and stopped in Ojai to see my dad's aunt Nona. One of my favorite things she said relating to boys and work was,"One boy equals one boy, two boys equal half a boy, and three boys is no boy." As we were leaving I asked Maren if she thought I could actually get a picture of two Hunts together. I did! and with no hands up to cover their faces.
We then went as far as Buellton to stay the night.

Day 2
More driving. We did of course have to stop at the beach. I love the beach! Even when it is cold, it is beautiful.

This was for Jaden.
We did find our way to San Jose where we got to meet up with Paul. We got to see his office in the big Adobe building.

After having dinner with Paul we went to pick up Megan at the airport and found our hotel in San Fransico (after a few turns on one-way streets).

Day 3
In the morning we headed to Pier 39.

We had to make sure that the crepe place that me and Ally had years ago was as good as I remembered. Yes, yes it was!

Even though we wanted to make good time, we still wanted to have good times so we stopped to drive under a tree. I have seriously wanted to go to the Redwood Forest forever. I loved it!

That night we managed to find our yurt (in Oregon) in the dark. I think we were all converted to yurt camping.

Day 4
Leaving the lovely yurt. Our camping neighbor was shocked that we were leaving before even having a campfire. Honestly, I was too.
Nearby was an awesome lighthouse.
In Oregon, when we were looking for a place to eat we saw a Farmers' Market. Some of the goods we got were good, but seeing this kid was even better. He was awesome! (Notice his money can is an animal cracker can)
The Oregon coast.

I wanted to hop in the beach. It is hard not to want to jump in it when you have been driving by it for hours and hours. Unfortunately it was cold, really cold.

In Oregon we had to stop in Tillamook. I was needing a cheese snack. Plus I would have been udderly disappointed if we didn't get pictures there either.

I kept telling Maren to let me drive so when we got to Washington she could drive since she would know exactly where to go. Alas, I was the driver when we got into Washington. Me and Maren got a good laugh as we entered into Washington I had a choice of turning to Cape Disappointment or Dismal Swamp. Someone wasn't happy where they ended up.

Day 5
Of course in Seattle there are a plethora of fun things to do.
We went to the Ballard Locks and the looked at the salmon run.

We love weird signs. Obviously the fly wasn't fazed by the warning.
Of course the troll is must see.
And there is a lot of art in Seattle to see. Some is very abstract!

The other art that we saw.

The last body of water I would see for a while. (I am not counting the little puddle I might see now and again in AZ).

Of course the trip was full of yummy food, good times, and great company!
(But I don't think I will do another long road trip for awhile)


bethany said...

The puns are killing me. "Udderly"?!?

I'm jealous of a trip without screaming kids in the back. Sounds heavenly.

Maren said...

That was fun, Kit! Maybe we should try it in the opposite direction sometime.

Vickie said...

You road tripped past my house and didn't stop! Crazy! Next time you head toward Portland or Seattle you have to tell me.

Maria said...

I so wish I had been able to be the 4th wheel on this trip!