Monday, August 16, 2010

Kayda says. . .

It's not everyday that a single student gets to be roommates with a 4 year old. Maren was a good sport to share a room with Kayda this summer. So I got to be the bystander of some interesting conversations. Here are some of my favorites:

Kayda: Are you afraid of swimming?
Maren: No. Are you?
Kayda: No, I'm afraid of drowning.

Kayda: (asking questions)
Maren: (asked a question)
Kayda: Hey, I'm the one asking questions here.

Kayda telling Maren: That's my soccer field. (changes into an intense voice) It's mine I tell you!

And although this didn't happen with Maren it has been one of my top re-quoted sayings this summer.

By the pool-
Kayda: Where's is my mom?
Lari: She in the house getting changed.
Lari: You have such a fun mom.
Kayda: Sometimes she is, sometimes she isn't

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Kristal said...

That's awesome! I love all of them....especially the drowning and sometimes she is and sometimes she isn't ones. HILARIOUS! I want Maren to come live with us!!!!