Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beach Camping

Yes, I am still trying to catch up from June.

Right after the Relay for Life we headed out to California to go camping on the beach with Jaden's brother, Brandon and sister-in-law, Ginger.
So we slept in a tent (or played in it).
We roasted marshmallows
and ate yummy food
and ate more yummy food.
Of course we laid around at the beach.
We played in the water
(or lifeguarded others in the water)

and in the sand.
Besides playing at the beach we went to the farmers market,
Picked blueberries at the blueberry farm,
(or ate them)

Went to the little Germany town,
and played in the trees.
We're glad the Rossers invited us and for bringing Krissa to keep Kayda entertained.
Can't wait until next year!

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