Friday, July 30, 2010

Into the Twos

Crazy what two years can do. I remember that when I was pregnant with Kolby I was afraid to have a boy, now I cannot imagine my life without this little guy. Some things that I love about Kolby:
*He wakes up singing, loves to sing, and even in church he points to the choir like he wants to go up there and sing.
* He will dance to any song, anywhere
*He makes the funniest faces. I have seen him many times roll his eyes at me (already!)
* He loves to give hugs
* He already has favorite clothes and has to pick out his own clothes. Before he didn't like wearing pants but I told him he couldn't wear shoes if he didn't wear pants, so he would let me put his pants on. Now he won't let me put him in a white button up shirt unless I tell him that he gets to wear a tie with it.
*Even though he doesn't talk very much he is a hilarious parrot.
* I love that he loves his family!

So for his birthday Jaden practiced his cake making skills and made Kolby a train cake. Lari brought Stacey, Holly, Makenna, and Griffin to join the party and they made it a real party!

Kolby loved all of the presents he got. I couldn't post all of them but he had great faces after opening each present.
Thanks to Target and 75% off clearance we got Kolby a train set that all of the boys (even the big ones) loved playing with.
Thanks to everyone who made Kolby's birthday special!
We love you Kolby!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cold Creek

This year we only made it to the creek once. It actually ended up being more of a girl's trip (with 2 little boys) Ally and Cherise stayed after the 4th and since Maren was here for the summer she got to go. My friend Marrit had never gone either so she came with us.

After playing around for awhile we started the serious business- making poses off the log.

I think we all had fun playing in the water.

Maybe we can squeeze in another trip before the cold weather comes.

4th of July

I am so behind but the 4th of July was full of food, fun and family.
The kids had fun playing in the little house.

They liked playing on the car.

Eating real food not just the mud pies.

The Hancocks- the hosts with the perfect fireworks view.
Having fun all night long.

2nd Annual Hunt Camp Out

Later in June we had a Hunt family camp out in the pines. Of course my Christmas obsessed sister-in-law, Lari scheduled the camp so we could celebrate half-way to Christmas. There was plenty of celebrating along with food, family, and fun!

Roasting mallows (or lifesavers) and making s'mores.

Being silly
Celebrating Claire's birthday.

Playing mom's word game
Hanging out
Blowing bubbles
Waiting to take a shower (mostly because Kayda had marshmallow in her hair-well, and the dirty faces)
Stacey the hairdresser
The Creek
Minute to Win It Games (because Lari asked me to bring some games and with my obsession to crazy game shows, I couldn't resist).
The Hostess with the Mostess
More Minute to Win it Games


Stop! Hammock Time

Making the Turkey for the half-way to Christmas dinner
Half way to Christmas dinner
Teasing Grandpa
The Fireside program
How we all felt at the end:Tired, but Happy!
Thanks for another fun camp out Duane and Lari!!