Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jaden's Birthday

Yes, this is a month late but I am trying to recap on everything that has happened in June. In the middle of the month Jaden celebrated his birthday. Like most of his birthdays, he wanted to have a swim party. The Hunts were good to let us take the party to their house.

You kinda have to wonder about how old Jaden is when he is excited for an swim ring.
We tried to make everyone go through the swim ring and like a pro Jaden showed them how to do it.

My kids loved the water and spending time with family.

Instead of singing "Happy Birthday" we thought about singing about the "burnin' ring of fire"

Jaden blew out all his candles so hopefully all his wishes come true!
Happy Birthday Jaden!!

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Kristal said...

I love the family picture. you guys are cute...and I LOVE your braces. I love that you have them together.