Monday, June 21, 2010

Recital 2010

Kayda had a recital Saturday night (the Relay ended Saturday morning). Despite all of the stress it was fun to see Kayda dance.

Of course she had to pose afterwards.
And pose with her Claire and Chloe friends.
The whole dance crew.
Of course, Kayda couldn't just stand there while the teacher talked.

Now fly away home fairy ballet princess!

Recap on the Relay

I guess I never really explained what the Relay for Life is. It is a relay in the fact that you have to have at least one member on the track at times. No certain amount has to be done and you don't have to run. It was from 6pm to 6am to signify that cancer never sleeps.

So the night started out with all of the survivors doing the first lap. This included my mom and Maria walked with her so she wouldn't be alone and to represent her husband John as a survivor.
We cheered on the survivors and even got a little teary as the whole event started.

The local newspaper got a picture of some of our team members and we made in the Payson Roundup.

Just a part of our Hunt family team.

Brittany is doing her laps (and possibly counting the laps Kolby and Josh are doing with her).

Our little stand.

John was the popcorn popper for a lot of the night.
Ian was the sno cone maker.

(Thanks Duane and Lari for bring the equipment)
Needless to say the sno cones were a hit and we were all thankful that our team members got them for free.

Cami's conga line on the track-keeping the laps fun.
We were glad that Paul came and celebrated his birthday eve at the Relay.
What was it about "you can pick your friends. . .. ?"

My little Rosser crew
The night was fun to celebrate my parent's anniversary, Cami's birthday, Shandra's birthday, and a early birthday celebration for Paul's birthday.
Some of the little ones were getting tired early.
The real photographer of the group.
(Hint: Maria you better blog your good pictures)
and speaking of pictures I slacked with taking pictures of the luminarias.
We did do more than walking, we relaxed a bit too.

And ate more sno cones.
And hung out.
My sister-in-law Shandra joined our team last minute since she was in town.
Darren was relaxing his feet after the many laps that he put in.
Some had to leave, but the party kept going.
Stacey and Kenna represented on the track where the dancing was going on (YMCA in fact)
The early morning hours.

Or the late morning hours
Finally the sun rose
Some of the team was asleep.
Some were barely awake
And some I couldn't tell if they were asleep or awake.

Our efforts were a great success. Our team raised $5,293.96 thanks to our fundraising and generous family and friends. Our team came in fourth place which the committee was way impressed with considering we were first timers and a family team (corporate teams were the top 3). I am proud of our team and was glad to aid in any effort in finding a cure for cancer.