Saturday, April 24, 2010


Back in the day when I was interning as the City of Mesa I got to help out with the Special Olympics. There was one day when one of the coordinators came in to make sure that all of the participants had the forms filled out that they needed. He went down the list pointing at the participants saying, "You're good" and went to the next one again saying,"You're good". On one of the boys he changed up his phrasing by saying,"and I have yours." After he was done the boy came up to him and asked,"But am I good coach?" We all couldn't help but smile at his sincere desire to know if he was good.
This spring I decided to enroll Kayda in soccer. I like letting her try things out now (when they are cheap) so that hopefully she can decide when she is older what activities she really likes and we don't have to do everything(when it is more expensive). She does pretty good for being one of the youngest (if not THE youngest).
After the first game she said,"Mom I need new shoes. These ones aren't very fast." I just smiled and thought to myself sadly that the shoes weren't the problem, but unfortunately she got my slow running genes.
Kolby loves to cheer for his sister and likes that yelling is quite appropriate in the soccer setting.

But one of the best things that happened was that during the game while all of the kids were chasing the ball, one of the boys fell down. Of course most of the kids ran past him trying to get the ball but Kayda ran right up to him and offered her hand to help him up. It made my heart melt. If she would have asked,"Am I good mom?" I would have to give a resounding"YES!"


Maren said...

What a good, sweet girl! It doesn't matter that her shoes are slow if she's so quick to do the right thing.

The Hunts said...

Well said Maren!

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It's Just Us said...

How sweet, brought tears to my eyes!