Saturday, April 24, 2010


Back in the day when I was interning as the City of Mesa I got to help out with the Special Olympics. There was one day when one of the coordinators came in to make sure that all of the participants had the forms filled out that they needed. He went down the list pointing at the participants saying, "You're good" and went to the next one again saying,"You're good". On one of the boys he changed up his phrasing by saying,"and I have yours." After he was done the boy came up to him and asked,"But am I good coach?" We all couldn't help but smile at his sincere desire to know if he was good.
This spring I decided to enroll Kayda in soccer. I like letting her try things out now (when they are cheap) so that hopefully she can decide when she is older what activities she really likes and we don't have to do everything(when it is more expensive). She does pretty good for being one of the youngest (if not THE youngest).
After the first game she said,"Mom I need new shoes. These ones aren't very fast." I just smiled and thought to myself sadly that the shoes weren't the problem, but unfortunately she got my slow running genes.
Kolby loves to cheer for his sister and likes that yelling is quite appropriate in the soccer setting.

But one of the best things that happened was that during the game while all of the kids were chasing the ball, one of the boys fell down. Of course most of the kids ran past him trying to get the ball but Kayda ran right up to him and offered her hand to help him up. It made my heart melt. If she would have asked,"Am I good mom?" I would have to give a resounding"YES!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let me start by saying. . . .

before I met Jaden I had goals and a five year plan. Then I met him and like most marriages my personal plans had to change. Jaden has alway been supportive of my choices, but recently he went above and beyond to help me to finally reach some of my personal goals. A long time ago in college I set a goal to run a half marathon. I set my goal to have it done by age 30. Obviously that didn't happen. I was going to do one with my brother, Paul, but we couldn't find one that would work. Then I saw that there was one that was a fairly flat course and was at a lower elevation than here (sweet!). There was one hitch -it fell right on our 6 year anniversary weekend. My non-lover of running committed to doing a half-marathon with me.

AND if that isn't bad enough. In my original five year plan I was going to get braces to finally fix my bite. So, a couple of days after running a half-marathon my husband gets braces with me so we can fix our teeth together.

Now if that doesn't mean love after six years, I don't know what does! Happy Anniversary

Easter Weekend

Last year at Easter we slacked. All I can say is thank goodness I have a neighbor who likes my kids. So this year we decided to celebrate this glorious time of year better than we did last year.
So Saturday between General Conference we went to the park for their easter egg hunt. We laughed that they had to announce to return any eggs that had holes in them since some of the squirrels enjoyed some easter egg hunting also.

Later Saturday night we went to the Duane and Lari's to keep on celebrating. We colored eggs and played so by the time we got to the egg hunt the kids had to go looking for them in the dark with flashlights.

Kayda was so happy all day because of the candy, toys and money she got.
Although the boys had fun, they were ready for bed!
On Sunday the kids got their Easter garden bags from the "Easter Bunny" (the Easter Bunny knew that they wouldn't need any candy). When Ally asked how he made it to her house Kayda replied,"He boinged all the way here."
We got to spend Easter with John and Alysson and Allyson watching General Conference. It was a great Easter weekend.
And of course, no fun weekend is complete without a mud mustache :)