Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I learned from my Ipod

1. I guess I do like country. I have realized that I haven't skipped the Taylor Swift songs every time (but in my defense Jaden downloaded one and the other I got by default of it being on a mixed songs album).

2. I miss the days when you can make the clothes on covers of an album modest simply with a sharpie or white out.

3. Kolby will dance to ANYTHING. Just start a song and he is dancing.

4. Sadly Kayda has my hearing songs wrong gene. For example: when she hears Poker Face she sings Poka Ka-Base or Polka Base (which I think would make a great song title)

5. Radio Edit doesn't mean what it used to mean.

6. When I run without music I hate hearing my breathing (and when I say run, I use the term very loosely. It can be anything slightly faster than walking)

7. I get now how people like to listen to music from their high school days- must be a sign I am getting old. Seriously, I still love Cake, Beck, Weezer, PofUSA, etc.

8. I guess mostly it has pointed out that times are changing and I am getting old!


bethany said...

Oh Cake, I love you.

Storey is a huge dancer too-she dances to the music in the grocery store. I haven't had the heart to tell her that easy listening isn't music to rock out to.

paul hunt said...

Photoshop is the new white out. I'll have to get you a copy of PS elements :^D

Christie & Dan said...

Wow I am the same way with the running thing. I will stop running WAY sooner if I can hear my own breathing so the IPOD is a must if I want to get any sort of real workout. And Kayda is too funny! I love hearing about the things she says. :)