Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

When you don't have kids in school and a hubby that takes online classes, the term spring break doesn't really mean anything. But it really felt like spring break because:

We got to have a St. Patrick's day party with all our friend because they didn't have to go to school.
We had the Hunts come visit us because they didn't have school. And we got to play outside because the weather felt like spring.
I got to hike with the Laurels and Priests while they were out of school and see the cliff dwellings that are only open a small window of time during the year.
And Kayda got to have a sleepover with her aunts because they were ditching school.
So even though we didn't have a "spring break" we are glad for everyone sharing theirs with us and making us feel like we had one!


bethany said...

Please tell me that Jaden is going to cut it short in the front and call it a mullet. That would make my day...nay, it would make my year!!!

Ally said...

Love that picture of Holly and Kolby. He really wants to "get up"!

The Hunts said...

I love the pics, especially where Kolby is rather convincing as he attempts to persuade Holly to help him up.:)