Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Year Older and Wiser Too

Happy Birthday Kayda!
My little girl turned four. I can't believe it. She definitely has her own ideas and style. She knows what she wants. So for her birthday she wanted a barbie cake. When Jaden was looking at pictures with her she would say "too ugly" or "too butterflyie". So this is what Jaden created for her.(yes, it was all Jaden's work) Her reply was"Beautiful, daddy! I'm going to eat that!"
She was lucky enough to have her Rosser grandpa and grandma here with her aunts. Of course her Hancock and Rosenlof friends came too.

So here are some of the my favorite things Kayda has done and said this year:

She has been drawing pictures of people a lot and this one is of our family. (just so you know the one of the left is Bella, hence the four legs)
Me:Kayda let's learn how to draw a little 'a'
*I write 'a'*
Kayda: Mom, that's not a little 'a'. *draws an A real small* This is an little 'A'

One day someone said something about resisting something
Kayda: That was on Momma Mia
Me: What?
Kayda: (singing) Momma Mia, here I go again how can I resist you

Watching Planet Earth-
Kayda: Mom what do lions eat?
Me: Rabbits and stuff
Kayda: You're a genius! !

After Maren had made some cookies-
Kayda: I need you to give my mom the recipe.

Kayda telling me a story-
Strawberry Shortcake was making a cake. She mixed the flour and the sugar, but she ran out of flour so she went outside to get some more flowers (flours).


Without- Forout
example: Mom, you can't leave forout me.

Forget- Worry
example: (Loading in the car) Don't worry about Kolby.



The Karafa Family said...

Happy Birthday Kayda!

Christie & Dan said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kayda! Wow!! Jaden seriously has some amazing talent there. I want him to make me a cake. :)

It's Just Us said...

Happy Birthday Kayda, wish we could've been there! And nice cake Jaden, I'll have to find out if my Rosser husband has that gene too.

Ally said...

Super Cute! I luz that girl!!!

Maren said...

Nice work on the cake, Jaden! I can't believe Kayda's 4.

Vickie said...

love the drawings!

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday to Kayda!

Kit, she sounds so much like YOU! I laughed so much that I had to read her sayings to James. Then we laughed even harder.