Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

When you don't have kids in school and a hubby that takes online classes, the term spring break doesn't really mean anything. But it really felt like spring break because:

We got to have a St. Patrick's day party with all our friend because they didn't have to go to school.
We had the Hunts come visit us because they didn't have school. And we got to play outside because the weather felt like spring.
I got to hike with the Laurels and Priests while they were out of school and see the cliff dwellings that are only open a small window of time during the year.
And Kayda got to have a sleepover with her aunts because they were ditching school.
So even though we didn't have a "spring break" we are glad for everyone sharing theirs with us and making us feel like we had one!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Year Older and Wiser Too

Happy Birthday Kayda!
My little girl turned four. I can't believe it. She definitely has her own ideas and style. She knows what she wants. So for her birthday she wanted a barbie cake. When Jaden was looking at pictures with her she would say "too ugly" or "too butterflyie". So this is what Jaden created for her.(yes, it was all Jaden's work) Her reply was"Beautiful, daddy! I'm going to eat that!"
She was lucky enough to have her Rosser grandpa and grandma here with her aunts. Of course her Hancock and Rosenlof friends came too.

So here are some of the my favorite things Kayda has done and said this year:

She has been drawing pictures of people a lot and this one is of our family. (just so you know the one of the left is Bella, hence the four legs)
Me:Kayda let's learn how to draw a little 'a'
*I write 'a'*
Kayda: Mom, that's not a little 'a'. *draws an A real small* This is an little 'A'

One day someone said something about resisting something
Kayda: That was on Momma Mia
Me: What?
Kayda: (singing) Momma Mia, here I go again how can I resist you

Watching Planet Earth-
Kayda: Mom what do lions eat?
Me: Rabbits and stuff
Kayda: You're a genius! !

After Maren had made some cookies-
Kayda: I need you to give my mom the recipe.

Kayda telling me a story-
Strawberry Shortcake was making a cake. She mixed the flour and the sugar, but she ran out of flour so she went outside to get some more flowers (flours).


Without- Forout
example: Mom, you can't leave forout me.

Forget- Worry
example: (Loading in the car) Don't worry about Kolby.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Somehow I was able to convince Ally to come celebrate her birthday with us. On Saturday we went to a Women's Forum. It was fun to spend a day with two of my sisters. One of the best things about the forum was that Ali Vincent was the main speaker. I am a Biggest Loser fan and she was probably one of my favorite contestants. It was fun listening about her experiences.
(and my excuse for looking scary in the picture is because I did the Zumba class)

On Sunday after church we did the whole dinner and cake thing. It was funny having to relight the candles a couple of times because of the extra blowers by Ally's cake.
I hope Ally enjoyed her birthday as much and we enjoyed sharing it with her!
(and hopefully Maria will share her pictures on her blog since my camera was acting up)

What I learned from my Ipod

1. I guess I do like country. I have realized that I haven't skipped the Taylor Swift songs every time (but in my defense Jaden downloaded one and the other I got by default of it being on a mixed songs album).

2. I miss the days when you can make the clothes on covers of an album modest simply with a sharpie or white out.

3. Kolby will dance to ANYTHING. Just start a song and he is dancing.

4. Sadly Kayda has my hearing songs wrong gene. For example: when she hears Poker Face she sings Poka Ka-Base or Polka Base (which I think would make a great song title)

5. Radio Edit doesn't mean what it used to mean.

6. When I run without music I hate hearing my breathing (and when I say run, I use the term very loosely. It can be anything slightly faster than walking)

7. I get now how people like to listen to music from their high school days- must be a sign I am getting old. Seriously, I still love Cake, Beck, Weezer, PofUSA, etc.

8. I guess mostly it has pointed out that times are changing and I am getting old!