Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Once upon a time a time, a long time ago a mother of two decided to take her kids to the park. It was a warm day as winter was approaching so she wanted to soak in as much fresh air as possible. Like some mothers she hurried out the door not caring about what her kids were wearing, neither their clothes or what was on their faces.

Little did she know a huge group from a photography class was there waiting to catch their prey.

Her kids were supposed to act like they usually did- to keep them in their element. So, they made faces,

played with their mom,
posed for the camera,
made more faces,

ogled at the kids playing (notice the fuzz halo),
decided where to run to next,
and showed off their findings.

The kids kept in their element but the mom learned she better get a little out of her element and be a little more prepared for pictures at any given time.
(pictures provided by photographers in the beginner photography class at Gila Community College)


John and Laura said...

I give props to any mom who A) makes it out of the house to do something fun with kids, and B) has appropriate shoes on their kids for the occasion. (My one year old has been wearing snow boots without socks a lot lately. We've had zero snow this winter.) And you get extra credit for having a "pretty" in Kayda's hair. You're doing great. And you look beautiful!

hayley said...

Hilarious! Cute kids:) Gorgeous mom

Maren said...

Cute pics! Apparently kids don't have to be presentable to be photogenic, unlike their aunties (and even when presentable I'm not photogenic--I rely on people's "photogenic memories").

j&krosser said...

Maren you make me laugh.--Jaden

bethany said...

It's Murphy's Law that this would happen Kit. That's so funny-I love the pictures of like six women taking a picture of Kolby at the same time. You guys are totally famous! Well, Payson famous at least.

Kody and Kurliston said...

That is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

The Hunts said...

Great pictures!!!!