Friday, January 29, 2010

January Snow

Day 1: So the other day it snowed and snowed. When we woke up this is what our backyard looked like. A bunch of white goodness.

Of course the first thing I do is bundle up the kids so we can build a snowman. As soon as we get out the door Kayda gets a snowball to throw at me.

Kolby wanted in on the action and helped me roll up the balls. It was funny to hear his grunting noises as he was exerting himself.

My goal was to make the snowman as tall as me, but we didn't quite make it.
We never got a face on it so it was the Snowman without a face.

Day 2: Even more snow! We were playing out side and Kolby fell down. He was not happy that he fell down in the cold.

I had to taste it just to make sure it was good as I remembered it to be. Still yummy.
Somehow I convinced Jaden that we needed to go sledding. (I have to put my Recreation degree to good use when I can)

Kolby wasn't so sure about the sledding thing. But then he walked over to the sled and kept trying to hop on all by himself.

SO we decided to send him down. We had Ian send him down the small hill first with Braden catching him at the bottom.
He made it to the bottom safe and sound.
From this face I think he liked it. (plus he went down a couple more times by himself)
Kayda was the sledding queen. She went down probably more times than the rest of us together.

You know how I said I had to convince Jaden?
I think he liked sledding too.