Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So, yes this is the annual reject pictures. Maria got a new camera so I convinced her she needed to try it out (so I could have a Christmas picture). I don't know why but I love rejects, I guess because they are the true nature of what goes on during a shoot. I am also thankful for digital so you can take a bazillion pictures to hopefully get a good one.

This picture, I looked at the kids' faces and thought "Yes!" and then I was bummed when I saw Jaden's face.
What really happens during a photo shoot
I told Jaden that in most pictures taken of us it looks like he is leaning away from me so I told him to pretend like he likes me and this is the result.
The winner:


John and Laura said...

I love the pictures. Your outfits look great together. Not too matchy-matchy, but perfect!

Allred's said...

Hey guys, I love all the pictures and the colors you chose and all the reject shots!! It's so true, that is exactly what it's like!

Zak said...

Beth gets bummed whenever she sees my face too!

Vickie said...

Love it!