Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Real Thanksgiving

Yes! I am finally getting closer to being able to post about December.
I realized that I didn't take any actual Thanksgiving dinner pictures.
Here is what we did(besides eat):

Watched cartoons and
Black Friday
I had never done Black Friday before so we had a wild idea of doing the ToysRUs Black Friday thing. We took pictures in the car. I told them to pretend like we were having the time of our lives so we could make Shandra feel bad for not going with us.
This is the crazy line that we survived. But the inside line was way worse and we didn't have anything that we wanted to buy bad enough to stay in it.
This is all we ended up getting: An ad (to go ad match at Wal-mart)
Unfortunately this is how exciting our Black Friday trip got:
One thing I am thankful for: Family that will do some of my dumb ideas with me to make them more fun ( and I promise I won't make you do Black Friday with me again)

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Maria said...

At least you got a cute blog story out of it.