Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Missed Favorites

So I think some of us bloggers do the thing where you take a picture and think about blogging it and later realize that it never made it to the blog (in my case almost a year). So here are some of the things I planned on blogging but never did . . . until now.

So this cupboard is one of the kids' favorite place for them to play. I have no idea why. I totally love it. Maybe because it reminds me of John and his favorite cupboard back in the day.

Kayda has been my trusty model. Even though I have slacked on working on my Etsy shop, I at least know that I always have a cute model for when I need one.
My boy- just chillin.
At Thanksgiving I decided to do a MudRun with my friend Kathy. This may be the dirtiest picture I will ever post on my blog.
One day my crazy sister-in-law brought a bunch of kids to have some fun with us. It was so fun!

We had a memorial blood drive for Celia. She appreciated a good silly picture, so that definitely had to be a part of the blood drive.

Yes- I was trying to get Kayda to look like a Hunt.

I love matchy, matchy. (and when my kids sit still for longer than 2 minutes)

So there you go. Just keeping it random for you.


paul hunt said...

Cuteness overload! You must go around the house smiling all day with all that cuteness on hand 24/7 :^D

Christie & Dan said...

Yay! I love random and getting to see all these fun pictures!

Ally said...

Super cute Pics! I can't believe you got Kayda's hair that curly.

The Hunts said...

Love it! Especially the mud picture!!!!!!!!

The Karafa Family said...

How did I miss Kayda's :Grandma Hunt taught me how to rag roll my hair" picture!

I love it!!