Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am way behind so expect a bunch of random posts after Thanksgiving. A little over a week ago Jaden's nephew got married in the LA. We figured if we were going to LA we might as well hit Disneyland.

Going on our first ride of the day:
(Kayda always had to be carrying a map)

Jaden's brother Bryan and his family decided to come spur of the moment. I think Kayda and Kolby loved having their cousins around.
The only thing Kayda asked for was a pair of mickey ears and was so excited to wear them.
The first day we ate at the all-you-can eat BBQ. Kayda even ate more ribs than me! She even got on stage to perform after the meal.
Luckily Kayda got to ride on most of the rides. She loved to stand by the sign and see that she was big enough. The only ride she didn't like was the Tower of Terror which she remarked after riding it,"Mom, don't ever bring me to Disneyland again!" Let's see how long that lasts.
Kolby did so good to just go along and do whatever. He was trying to entertain us while we were in line for Aladdin.
And of course Kayda got to meet some of the Princesses.

Kayda and Aiden
Don't they look related?
Kayda really wanted to take some pictures of us in line so we let her to keep her and us entertained.
Nearing the end of our adventure.


It's Just Us said...

So glad we decided to join you guys! It's funny to see the same trip from a different set of pics, Aiden kept saying, "Where am I in that picture?"

Maria said...

SO FUN!!! Let's go together next year!