Monday, November 23, 2009

Bobby and Jackie's Wedding

So the whole reason to go to California was to see Bobby and Jackie get married. It was such a nice day.
We tried to get a family shot but as you can see only Jaden and I were cooperating.

Kayda decided she could smile but Kolby was done.
When we tried to take a cousin picture Kolby was really done.
But Kayda decided she could take a good picture.
After the wedding we went to go play at the pier before the reception.

All Kolby wanted to do at the reception was to eat everything-literally. While I wasn't looking he decided to have some baby's breath.
But that wasn't enough, he had to pull a Mrs. Hanigan move.
Kayda on the other hand had been wanting to dance ever since that is one of the things Jaden said you do at a reception. At first no boys would dance with her until uncle Bryan danced with her (which made her so excited)
But then they started lining up.
And then they all wanted to cut it, even Kolby.

What a fun day and night. Congrats to Bobby and Jackie!


Maren said...

Kayda's so cute with all those boys lining up to dance with her!

Anonymous said...
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