Thursday, October 08, 2009

Princess Parties

Gracious it is October already and no posts yet! SO I am starting with Princess Party no. 1. Kayda was invited to go to dress up like a princess and have a princess party with all of her dance friends. Thanks to hand-me downs (twice) Kayda had a princess gown to wear.

Some things a princess might do:
Gawk at chickens

Play on swing sets
and make gorgeous poses.
What a prince might do:
Gawk at chickens
and crash princess "tea" parties.
One of Belle's "best friends" Snow White (aka Kayda and Chloe)
Princess party no. 2. So my oldest niece, Cherise, had her 18th birthday!! All of us aunts in AZ (and Cami)got to share this momentous day with her. (Which remembering the day she was born make me feel old!)

I feel truly blessed to be associated with all of the princesses in my life!


bethany said...

During my stint as a princess, I definitely looked at a lot of chickens.

Crystal said...


kristal said...

Awww, I wanna be one of you guys! You're awesome!!!

Lindsay said...

Fun party! I think most princesses secretly wish for more chicken-gawking time. Princes aren't so inhibited of course.