Saturday, October 31, 2009


Kayda loves all sorts of stories. For awhile one of her favorites was Hansel and Gretel because of the "scary witch". Actually she would ask if I would read her "Handsome and Ghetto" which I thought was quite appropriate since I frequently refer to Jaden as handsome and of myself, ghetto.
I thought the story would be a great inspiration for Halloween costumes.
Well unlike the story, this Hansel and Gretel went looking for food instead of leaving some behind.
They didn't try to find their way home either. In fact, Hansel tried to run away.
This woodcutter dad wouldn't have sent them away and nor would this witch try to eat them.

And I bet they didn't get to sleep on their way home in car seats either.
I guess we weren't much like the story but we had a fun Halloween!
Hope you did too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Boys???

As I am getting stuff together Sunday morning I look at the couch and what do I see?
Jaden hemming his pants in an apron(because he was cooking lunch) and Kolby putting on Kayda's lip gloss. I had to laugh at their lack of masculinity at that moment.

But to make up for it I took a picture of their handsomeness in their ties.
(Very Beefy!)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Princess Parties

Gracious it is October already and no posts yet! SO I am starting with Princess Party no. 1. Kayda was invited to go to dress up like a princess and have a princess party with all of her dance friends. Thanks to hand-me downs (twice) Kayda had a princess gown to wear.

Some things a princess might do:
Gawk at chickens

Play on swing sets
and make gorgeous poses.
What a prince might do:
Gawk at chickens
and crash princess "tea" parties.
One of Belle's "best friends" Snow White (aka Kayda and Chloe)
Princess party no. 2. So my oldest niece, Cherise, had her 18th birthday!! All of us aunts in AZ (and Cami)got to share this momentous day with her. (Which remembering the day she was born make me feel old!)

I feel truly blessed to be associated with all of the princesses in my life!