Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Frequently on Thursdays around noon I would grab my cheese bagel and eat it in the WILK terrace while I listened to someone on their soapbox. I never knew if it was class or a club or whatever, but I did thoroughly enjoy listening to people's ideas, opinions, and attitudes on different topics. Mostly I would listen not because of the alluring topic but because of the person's wit and comedic talent.
Unfortunately I am not good with words. Actually I am terrible with anything to do with language and grammar (if you frequent this blog, it's obvious). Nor am I great in the wit and comedic department. That is all beside the point! The point is I have a very important subject to talk about. (This is where you visualize me hopping on my soapbox)
You need to donate blood!! Many of you are probably thinking," Say what?! This is coming from you?" Yes! I have said it. My attitude was not always so.
The first time I went to donate blood was when I was in college. I donated blood mostly to find out what my blood type was since several of my biology/anatomy classes had referred to blood types. I ended up going with one of my roommates (I actually can't remember which one but it is whichever one is A positive) I joked that our blood type reflected our grades since hers was A positive and mine was B negative. I took quite the beating just to find out my blood type. I had a terrible, terrible phlebotomist which resulted in huge bruises on BOTH my arms.
The second time I went with Maren (who is awesome to donate since she is the beloved universal donor.) I remember her joking about how I shouldn't have a problem with the iron count since I eat a lot of meat. My iron was great, my phlebotomist not so much. This time the bruises were smaller but still on both arms. I vowed I wouldn't donate blood again.
I am pleased to say that I have recently broken that vow! Not only that, but I had a great phlebotomist and only got poked in ONE arm!!
So I am now listing some reasons to donate:
1. To know your blood type. Although it was a lame reason to donate blood, it ended up being a blessing that I knew my blood type. I was pregnant and my doctor had my blood type wrong in her system. It is a very critical thing when you are Rh negative to make sure you get those darn rhogam shots when you are pregnant.
2. You get something from giving. I recently read an article that said,"People who give blood are twice as likely to say they're very happy people as people who don't." You get benefits from giving (and not just treats and beverages that you get afterward), but real internal, fulfilling benefits.
3. People need blood. When donating blood it is hard to imagine what you are really doing and what it will go toward. When you see someone who needs blood it is even harder to imagine withholding it from them.
My family currently has set a goal to help get 500 units of blood donated. You can be a part of this. Check out http://celiascircle.org/
I will now exit off the soapbox. . .


Crystal said...

I totally agree with you Kit. If it were not for some good souls who donated blood that I received after giving birth to Jaran, I might not be here right now. If I remember right I got 4 units of blood, because I had lost so much giving birth. I am SO THANKFUL for people who give blood. I haven't done it myself since getting the transfusions, but you have inspired me to do it again. Thanks Kit, you're the best!

bethany said...

First of all, do you suppose that they still do that at BYU? I've never heard any of my siblings talk about it-I'll have to ask. That was always one of my favorite things, though I never really had anything that I wanted to say bad enough that I'd get up there. I probably could have used it to tell off a few boys. Too bad I missed my chance on that one.
As for giving blood, I've actually never done it so I know I wasn't the roommate that went with you. I am scared to DEATH of needles and pretty much pass out when I hear of someone else getting blood taken, let alone myself. That said, your soap box did for a second make me think twice about my fears and subsequent lack of blood giving. I'll stew about it.
Wish we were at BYU still so you could have actually said all this from a top that box.

Maria said...

Kit...I really don't know how you can say that you aren't good with words or wit. Although words may sometimes be misspelled or maybe your grammar isn't perfect, you write some of the most compelling, witty, amazing posts, poems, memoirs, etc. So stop with beating yourself up and stay on that soapbox.

kristal said...

I agree too, but am so glad I'm pregnant so I have an excuse I've dontated a few times and I always pass out. I don't know why. I know I have really really low blood pressure, maybe that's it, but I think Ill use the preg excuse.