Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Let No One Shirk

On Saturday my dad came to help us put up some drywall. He had noticed that our projects hadn't made any progress the last couple of times that he was at our house, so he volunteered to Labor on Labor Day weekend. Braden offered to help and of course we didn't refuse. The Turleys were passing through on the way back from a ward camp out so they got roped into holding drywall and keeping the little kids from "helping".

Kolby was a little imitator and wanted to do whatever grandpa was doing. He might make a good drywall cutter someday. (hopefully we will be done with our projects by then).
I will post more pictures later, if you can pull me away from ogling at the new ceilings.


Ally said...

Adorable pictures...as always!

The Hunts said...

Are we ever all done with our projects? What a cute crew at your house party!

Ally what are you doing up at 10:41? Josh would have loved the company!