Friday, July 17, 2009


Beware!! Picture overload approaching. At the end of June Jaden's brother Brandon and his wife Ginger invited us to go camping with them in California. I personally couldn't resist. Camping AND the beach. Seriously my favorite things!

Our home for a few days:
The trustee tent putter-upper.
One of the fabulous chefs.
The gracious inviters.
Kolby trying to escape so he could sit on some laps and beg for food.
Grandpa Rosser
And of course one of the best things of camping:Marshmellows
Kayda roasting marshmellows with her friends Skyler, Sean and with the help of Bobby.


Ally said...

I LOVE all the pictures! Thanks for posting...and thanks for calling me to let me know you posted!

The Hunts said...

Great pictures! I really loved the picture of mermaid Kayda