Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Birthday

Today is Kolby's first birthday!! It is totally amazing how fast a year goes by. I remember being pregnant and wondering how it would be to have a boy.
Kayda and Kolby opening a present in the morning.
Cake with the Hancocks.
Kolby finishing up his cake.
Ending the day like it started.

We love you Kolby! Happy Birthday!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Beware!! Picture overload approaching. At the end of June Jaden's brother Brandon and his wife Ginger invited us to go camping with them in California. I personally couldn't resist. Camping AND the beach. Seriously my favorite things!

Our home for a few days:
The trustee tent putter-upper.
One of the fabulous chefs.
The gracious inviters.
Kolby trying to escape so he could sit on some laps and beg for food.
Grandpa Rosser
And of course one of the best things of camping:Marshmellows
Kayda roasting marshmellows with her friends Skyler, Sean and with the help of Bobby.

California:The Beach

The first picture says it all-we couldn't wait to play in the ocean!

We played in the sand,

in the shallow water,

and in the waves.
Then we had to warm up,
visit on the beach,
and come again in the morning to look for animal and shells.
Just some of the creatures we saw while we were there:


Not too far from where we were camping was a little Dutch community.

We walked aroung looking at all the fun stores and parks.

After all that walking we counterbalanced it at a yummy bakery.

California:Santa Barbara

One of the days we decided to ride the AmTrac to Santa Barbara. We were going to the pier and look at some of the shops there.

Waiting at the train stop.

Kolby was enjoying the ride.
I wasn't going to post this pictures at first, but Jaden posed for it!
At the pier.
I love when people has a sense of humor (especially when asking for money)
We rode the bus and the kids thought that was one of the funnest parts of the trip.
We went in some interesting stores. And of course we had to try on the goods.
By the end this is what the Rosser boys were doing--waiting outside the shops.
Of course you know it was a fun trip when this is how it ends:


On the way back home I wanted to go see Hollywood since I haven't ever been there. We stopped and walked down some of the stars. It was interesting that we were in Hollywood when we found out that Micheal Jackson died (we didn't go see his star though)

I am not a star struck person, but I did get my picture by my first movie crush-Gene Kelly! Aaaah, thank Grandma Hunt for introducing me to him.
We wanted to avoid LA traffic and I really wanted to see the LA temple so we walked around the temple grounds.
It was the spot where the the light post did in our camera and I am able to catch up blogging since I haven't taken any more pictures since.:)