Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trip Number 2 to Jo Town

I decided that since Jaden was working it was worthless to just stay home. Susannah was having her reception so who could resist a party in JoTown? It was fun to see the Bushmans and everyone in Joe City. The next day my parents left early but I hung around to eat the free lunch at the cafeteria and try out the Mulders water toy.

Kayda and Kamryn
Kolby trying to get to the fun stuff
Kayda and Rigdon
I had a picture of me, Kim, Cara and Kristal and I wanted to compare what we looked like to what our kids look like but I couldn't find it :(


Emmett said...

That looks fun!

Kristal said...

um, all of your girls like like their moms cept mine! I need to get anothre girl...a less arab one. And that first pic is scary!