Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip Number 1 to Jo Town

My friend, Kristal was having a surprise b-day party so we decided to go. When we drove into town I couldn't resist taking a picture. I love AZ sunsets and especially on when you can see the whole skyline.
Maren teased me that I only come for other peoples' parties, but I love spending time with family! I couldn't resist this picture with all the "helpers" in the kitchen.

Kayda was modeling a wig for us. I was just thankful that my mom didn't need it yet.
I think they look cute matchy, matchy.


It's Just Us said...

Your mom looks great! Hope she feels as well as she looks.

kristal said...

Um, that last picture is about the cutest picture EVER!!! Ok, it is!

Emmett said...

Kayda looks awesome with that wig!

Alona said...

LOVE the wig! It sure was great to see you guys at the reception! Thanks for coming! :)

The Hunts said...