Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Belated B-Day!

Jaden is such a good dad and husband! June has snuck up on me way too fast so unfortunately I wasn't as prepared for Jaden's b-day or Father's day. That's one thing I love about him is that he gives me slack when I am a slacker.
Usually the first thing out of Kolby's mouth in the morning is"dadda" or "daddy". Kayda does pretty much the same- she'll ask,"Where's daddy?" and when he comes home from work she is so excited. You can tell how much they love him and it is because he gives them lots of love.And about the birthday- well, hopefully I can do better next year! Love you Jaden!

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Emmett said...

The day before Father's day we put up NEW shelves, you should see our cleaner pantry!