Saturday, June 27, 2009

Then and Now

A picture from a party a few months ago
At a family party for Cam a few weeks ago

Trip Number 1 to Jo Town

My friend, Kristal was having a surprise b-day party so we decided to go. When we drove into town I couldn't resist taking a picture. I love AZ sunsets and especially on when you can see the whole skyline.
Maren teased me that I only come for other peoples' parties, but I love spending time with family! I couldn't resist this picture with all the "helpers" in the kitchen.

Kayda was modeling a wig for us. I was just thankful that my mom didn't need it yet.
I think they look cute matchy, matchy.

Adventures in June

So obviously I have slacked off on the blog thing. Somehow June has become a busy month for me. I am going to highlight some of the month in the next posts. So here goes. . . .

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Belated B-Day!

Jaden is such a good dad and husband! June has snuck up on me way too fast so unfortunately I wasn't as prepared for Jaden's b-day or Father's day. That's one thing I love about him is that he gives me slack when I am a slacker.
Usually the first thing out of Kolby's mouth in the morning is"dadda" or "daddy". Kayda does pretty much the same- she'll ask,"Where's daddy?" and when he comes home from work she is so excited. You can tell how much they love him and it is because he gives them lots of love.And about the birthday- well, hopefully I can do better next year! Love you Jaden!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Can you say MESSSERS!!!!

Kayda posing in her dance costume.
Kayda and Kolby playing their room.
"This is a messy room." Kayda

The kiddos helping Dad build Kayda's new bathroom. Kolby thinks Kayda is so funny in this one.
Another pose by Kayda.
Kolby eating messy watermelon on Aunt Lari's floor, and loving it.

Ten Reasons I Love My Wife!!!

1) My wife loves the gospel and teaches our children about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
2) My wife is Honest.
3) My wife loves our children even though they mess all day.
4) My wife loves to be with family and have a great time.
5) My wife loves, and supports me.
6) My wife is dedicated to our family and strives to make us the best we can be.
7) My wife loves to provide the family with wholesome recreation.
8) My wife loves to save money, ie coupons (pictures coming soon).
9) my wife is a dork. (our term of endearment)
and last but most important
10) My wife's Christlike attributes and example make me want to be a better person.

Kit, Thank you for all you for our family. Thank you for being a wonderful mother to our children while I am at work and school. Our little messes are our wonderful messes and they are sweet, kind and loving like their mother. Thank you for loving me and helping me become a better husband and father. Thank you for the most wonderful five years of my life. Thank you for being my eternal wife. I love you.