Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Q: What do you call four Mexicans in quicksand?
A: Quatro, Cinco

Sorry- couldn't resist.  Okay, last week I had the idea of having a cinco de mayo party.  Then, of course, I decided to make a piñata (what was I thinking?).  What better than a piña piñata?

The Allreds came and had already scheduled to feed the Sisters that day so we fed them too.  Maria's family showed up to help get the piñata open.  (Which we had to throw in the air to split it open since it fell off the string.  I'll know better for next time)  The Rosenlofs showed up with some Margaritas(non-alcoholic) to end the fiesta.  That goodness for Mexican independence day to have a excuse to party.


kristal said...

ah! I love that you guys are playing with the allreds. We didn't get to much when they lived in Show Low, I'm jealous. Um, yea, and Cinco de Mayo is a holiday we ALWAYS have parties for. nothing makes a better party than mexican food and pinatas! If you're bored this weekend come..yes, i know it's late, but we're having it for Boston's birthday on the 16th, so come and bring kayda's swimming suit!!!! My parents at 5 on saturday

Lindsay said...

Sweet pinata. I wouldn't have expected anything ELSE but a pineapple!

Thanks for posting about your mom, too. What a great gift to have all of you there to sing together. We'll be praying for her.