Monday, March 16, 2009

New Mexico

Jaden and I had been talking about going to visit our family in New Mexico.   With it being Grandma Rosser's birthday recently, Shae and Dave planning on moving, and Jaden getting some days off in a row, we decided it was a good time to go.

On Saturday we went to go visit Grandma Rosser in the hospital.  Even though Kayda has been in a hospital plenty of times (visiting Jaden at work) she was a little scared of seeing Grandma as a patient.  But Grandma had plenty of comments to keep the rest of us laughing.

When we got to Shae's house Kayda got to open her early birthday present. ( So yes, it will be a week long celebration)  Good job uncle Dave for getting her exactly what she wanted!
On Sunday we went to go to church with Brian and Denise.  After church they made us lunch and we got to visit.  So as we were visiting the kids decided to have some good (non-clean) fun.   They got the water going to make some mud and the clothes started to come off.  We know now that Kayda can do more than girlie, princess stuff but that she can also run with the boys.
The little Rosser cousins after getting all cleaned up.
Like most visits to New Mexico we had to stop at Grandpa and Grandma Payne's house.  We stayed the night and of course ate lots of yummy food.

As Luella Shelley always wrote,"A good time was had by all."


Ally said...

LOVE Kolby's fat roll arms! Will you ask Shae what the color is on her dining room wall? Thanks!

b&d said...

So glad ya'll could come and visit. Can't wait until we get to come see how pretty Payson is!

Kristal said...

Luella Shelly Foree. haha, nice ending. Cute cousins, really cute Kayda, especially in pig tails! I was hoping you'd be visiting your Hunt grandparents for Founder's Day. I was all ready to run the 5K and everything...haha, ok, not really, but you could have ran it with Danny McDowell...haha!