Monday, March 23, 2009

Make It 3

When Kayda was born I had a really strong feeling that she was supposed to be the first child in my family.  She has proved many times that her love, forgiveness, and character can only help me be a better mom.  SO hopefully despite of all my screw ups she will still be the wonderful girl that she is.  Plus I love that she loves her "chubby little bubby" as she calls him. I know everyone thinks their kids are the best BUT I really do love my Kayda and think that she is the best!  I really can't image the last 3 years without her.

So for her birthday we tried to make it about things that she loves and enjoys.  Of course this included playing at the park with her friends Claire, Chloe, and Parker.
*Unfortunely a surly woodchip decided to land in her eye so a lot of pictures she has her hand on her eye.

Yes, she opened all her presents with one hand.

Kayda said that she wanted a pink cake so that is what she got.  I made probably the first strawberry cake that I have ever made and thank goodness for Ally helping decorate it.

Kayda with her "Best Friends" wearing the hats that Paul sent for the festivities.

She still doesn't know how to act her age.

We Love you Kayda! 
Happy Birthday!!!


bethany said...

Before I realized that this post was about Kayda's birthday (are our kids REALLY that old?!?), I honestly thought you were going to announce that you were pregnant again....and I was going to cry for you.
But yeah for Kayda's birthday!! I love those birthday cake hats-so cute!! Great job on the pink cake Kit!

j&krosser said...

Maybe I should change the title. Naah, maybe it will make people actually read the post :)

Ally said...

What a fun birthday weekend! I've been looking forward to this post!

j&krosser said...

Is three so bad that youa have to cry about it.--Jaden

The Karafa Family said...

Happy Birtjday Kayda! The cake looks great!

b&d said...

I too thought you were announcing a third pregnancy. Those hats are adorable, and the cake looks delicious, I love strawberry cakes. Glad Kayda had a good time.

Kristal said...

Ahh, I love her! I LOVE those hats, and I want that cake. Looks soo good!