Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Sabbath

(Random note: I had a weird memory as I typed the title.  In Brasil all the Seventh Day Adventists would call out "Happy Sabbath"  to everyone on Saturday morning.  Now back to the real post...)
I shouldn't be posting this picture but it made me crack up.   Kolby has had a couple of rough nights the past few nights.  Jaden was kind enough to take care of Kolby last night except once when he needed to be fed.  So this morning when Kolby was "talking" to Kayda Jaden brought him in to me and Kayda came to wish me "Good morning!" (which she says almost every morning now). That left Kayda's (and Kolby's) room quite empty.  After not seeing Jaden for quite some time I went in to check on him.  There I saw him all cuddled up in Kayda's girlie bed with Bella keeping him cozy.


The Hunts said...

Love this picture. Duane was up with Josh last night with me, so he's crashed this morning too, but he doesn't have the dog on our daughter's princess bed to enhance the humor of the situation.

Christie & Dan said...

Hahaha! Love it! Princess Jaden!