Monday, March 09, 2009

A Few Random Things..

We all know how I love random things or topics so that is my post today:

1.  Once me and my sister couldn't get some rolls to raise in my cold house so she came up with a great solution.  A lot of times when I make bread- Yes, I will let it raise in the dryer on the lowest setting. (I have joked about making a cookbook that includes ways to use appliances in your cooking)

2. I  love when companies have a sense of humor!  Like on the tag of a shirt I once bought, it read," I love you.  Thanks for buying me"  Also a good read is on the Silk soy milk cartons- good stuff. So I thought it was great when I found this on the box on my stroller: 
3.  I don't know why but I still giggle at Kayda's "poses".  I know that she is going to do some when I pull out the camera, but she comes up with new ones so I can't help but laugh.

 So that is it for now until I don't have any thing to blog about and the random takes over.


Ally said...

Thanks for posting upon request!

Christie & Dan said...

Ooo she's going to be on America's Next Top Model!!! Haha, I love the innovative poses!

The Hunts said...

Love the "baby not included" it's helpful to know what's included when you buy something, especially a stroller.