Monday, March 02, 2009


This is for you Kristal-  So my friend gave me some stuff to make dolls with for my birthday.  I was so excited because I wanted to make some but I never remembered to get the stuff when I was somewhere that had the stuff to make them (Wal-mart isn't the best craft store- ha!)  Kayda really, really wanted to help so I let her do the modge podge work- can't really mess that up.  So when I was painting the faces Kayda really wanted to help so I figured that she could paint a face and I could just paint one on the other side and cover her side with the hair ( I know naughty, OCD me)  I was actually impressed with her work!  I still need to put the hair on the dolls to finish them off.   We'll see if I let one of Kayda's keep her face : )

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Kristal said...

Love the faces! I was OCD about mine too..I painted the faces and hair while Kam was napping. I did let her pick out what color of hair, what color of bows and what paper to wear for dresses. haha. Freaks. LOVE em, they're adorable!