Friday, March 27, 2009

Take a Hike!

One of my goals for the year was to do more hiking.  Hello!  We live right by the forest!  So with my birthday money we bought a pack for Kolby.  Yesterday we decided to do a little trail.  We didn't expect to hike as much as we did. 

I loved all the commentary from Kayda.  When we first started hiking she said," I can't see Pocahontas."
We found a little spot in the rocks that Kayda thought was a cave.  You can tell by the picture she isn't too excited about it.  She told me," I don't want the bears to get me."  She is the one that makes me read "Going on a Bear Hunt" almost daily.
Kolby was totally enjoying the whole trip.

Kayda did really well.  She did find a hiking stick to help her out.  By the end she said,"  My car is lost.  We need to find it"  One of the best things about the hike is that Kayda took a bath and went straight to bed before 7:00.   Today I feel worthy enough to proclaim that  I majored in Recreation.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Make It 3

When Kayda was born I had a really strong feeling that she was supposed to be the first child in my family.  She has proved many times that her love, forgiveness, and character can only help me be a better mom.  SO hopefully despite of all my screw ups she will still be the wonderful girl that she is.  Plus I love that she loves her "chubby little bubby" as she calls him. I know everyone thinks their kids are the best BUT I really do love my Kayda and think that she is the best!  I really can't image the last 3 years without her.

So for her birthday we tried to make it about things that she loves and enjoys.  Of course this included playing at the park with her friends Claire, Chloe, and Parker.
*Unfortunely a surly woodchip decided to land in her eye so a lot of pictures she has her hand on her eye.

Yes, she opened all her presents with one hand.

Kayda said that she wanted a pink cake so that is what she got.  I made probably the first strawberry cake that I have ever made and thank goodness for Ally helping decorate it.

Kayda with her "Best Friends" wearing the hats that Paul sent for the festivities.

She still doesn't know how to act her age.

We Love you Kayda! 
Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Mexico

Jaden and I had been talking about going to visit our family in New Mexico.   With it being Grandma Rosser's birthday recently, Shae and Dave planning on moving, and Jaden getting some days off in a row, we decided it was a good time to go.

On Saturday we went to go visit Grandma Rosser in the hospital.  Even though Kayda has been in a hospital plenty of times (visiting Jaden at work) she was a little scared of seeing Grandma as a patient.  But Grandma had plenty of comments to keep the rest of us laughing.

When we got to Shae's house Kayda got to open her early birthday present. ( So yes, it will be a week long celebration)  Good job uncle Dave for getting her exactly what she wanted!
On Sunday we went to go to church with Brian and Denise.  After church they made us lunch and we got to visit.  So as we were visiting the kids decided to have some good (non-clean) fun.   They got the water going to make some mud and the clothes started to come off.  We know now that Kayda can do more than girlie, princess stuff but that she can also run with the boys.
The little Rosser cousins after getting all cleaned up.
Like most visits to New Mexico we had to stop at Grandpa and Grandma Payne's house.  We stayed the night and of course ate lots of yummy food.

As Luella Shelley always wrote,"A good time was had by all."

Monday, March 09, 2009

Lazy Days

I know most of us have a lazy day every now and again.  Today as I sat on the couch (eating a mini bag of M&Ms) I stopped on the exercise channel.  Only to stop and see if I wanted to do the workout.  Well it was long enough for Kayda to decide to grab her ball and do it.  Yipes! I better get moving......

A Few Random Things..

We all know how I love random things or topics so that is my post today:

1.  Once me and my sister couldn't get some rolls to raise in my cold house so she came up with a great solution.  A lot of times when I make bread- Yes, I will let it raise in the dryer on the lowest setting. (I have joked about making a cookbook that includes ways to use appliances in your cooking)

2. I  love when companies have a sense of humor!  Like on the tag of a shirt I once bought, it read," I love you.  Thanks for buying me"  Also a good read is on the Silk soy milk cartons- good stuff. So I thought it was great when I found this on the box on my stroller: 
3.  I don't know why but I still giggle at Kayda's "poses".  I know that she is going to do some when I pull out the camera, but she comes up with new ones so I can't help but laugh.

 So that is it for now until I don't have any thing to blog about and the random takes over.

Monday, March 02, 2009


This is for you Kristal-  So my friend gave me some stuff to make dolls with for my birthday.  I was so excited because I wanted to make some but I never remembered to get the stuff when I was somewhere that had the stuff to make them (Wal-mart isn't the best craft store- ha!)  Kayda really, really wanted to help so I let her do the modge podge work- can't really mess that up.  So when I was painting the faces Kayda really wanted to help so I figured that she could paint a face and I could just paint one on the other side and cover her side with the hair ( I know naughty, OCD me)  I was actually impressed with her work!  I still need to put the hair on the dolls to finish them off.   We'll see if I let one of Kayda's keep her face : )

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Sabbath

(Random note: I had a weird memory as I typed the title.  In Brasil all the Seventh Day Adventists would call out "Happy Sabbath"  to everyone on Saturday morning.  Now back to the real post...)
I shouldn't be posting this picture but it made me crack up.   Kolby has had a couple of rough nights the past few nights.  Jaden was kind enough to take care of Kolby last night except once when he needed to be fed.  So this morning when Kolby was "talking" to Kayda Jaden brought him in to me and Kayda came to wish me "Good morning!" (which she says almost every morning now). That left Kayda's (and Kolby's) room quite empty.  After not seeing Jaden for quite some time I went in to check on him.  There I saw him all cuddled up in Kayda's girlie bed with Bella keeping him cozy.