Sunday, February 01, 2009

Yard Sailin'

I love yard sales!! Here are some reasons: 
1.  Late nights and early mornings bring out the crazy in people.
2. You can find some good stuff.  Like treasure-- pirate treasure even.

3. Making a little bit of money to get rid of extra junk in the house.
4.  The after party.  Like at Joe's BBQ.


kristal said...

That picture of Jaden and John is KILLER!!!! I wish I could have hit the yard sale, but oh, alas I was up visiting your other cool sista! She's freaking awesome! Wish we could have partied longer with her.

Anonymous said...

I love the bonnet Jaden, it's sooo you!

Maria said...

You know all those great things in the bottom drawer of the dresser are probably the things that I am getting cussed for not packing up for Katie. WHO KNEW? Probably they were better used at the yard sale party. Thanks for hauling my junk!

Maria said...
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