Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I love holidays.  Any reason to party really.   Even though I never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day until Jaden (which he was my fiance by then) I have had some memorable Valentines moments so here goes:

About 4th Grade I received a valentine card that  said:
To: Goliath     From: the person who calls you that
( Since I was the tallest kid in my class at church I had to play the part of Goliath)

About sixth grade I got a valentine that was personalized.  The card originally said,"Be Mine."  But the word "mine" was scratched out and was replaced by the word "mean".  So, yes, the card then read,"Be mean."

In high school one of the classes was selling balloons for a fundraiser.  During seminary I was delivered a bouquet of balloons.  For just a second I was almost afraid of who might of sent them but was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they were from my wonderful, loving dad.

My freshman year of college we had some fun FHE brothers.  On Valentine's Day they had brought us some flowers and a card for all of my roommates.  They tried to do it anonymously but their plan failed since I was visiting a friend in a dorm across the way and saw the whole knock and run happening. 
When I finally had a boyfriend with whom to share Valentines Day, I had already planned and bought the plane ticket for a fun girls weekend in San Francisco. (sorry Jaden).  But luckily I have him so I can share all of the rest of my Valentines Days with him. 

Okay so for this Valentine's Day I decided to invite Kayda's Claire, Chloe friends over to make cookies with us.  They had a lot of fun dumping in the ingredients, cutting the cookies out, frosting them and most of all eating them.  Maria had also brought over some beads to make valentine bracelets.  Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day

Cutting out the cookies:

Jaden making the frosting:
The girls enjoyting the cookies: (I couldn't find a single picture without a cookie in Kayda's mouth.
Kolby wishing he could eat a cookie:
The girls making bracelets:

For JoTown people- Danny called me Goliath and the 'Be Mean' was from Robert.


Ally said...

Awesome and fun post, Kit!

Maria said...

The girls sure enjoyed your party Kit. I enjoyed several hours of amazing productivity. We're lucky to have such a fun sister/aunt living close by.

Kari said...

Looks like a fun Valentine's Day.
Happy BIRTHDAY on Saturday. Sorry I missed the parts but we definitely need to get together soon. I'm thinking maybe March 7th but we'll talk more.


Williams Family said...

Kit are you saying my little bro Robert did that to you? If he did I'll take him out:)

Jeanne' said...

So Cute!

The Hunts said...

That looks like so much fun

The Hunts said...

That looks like so much fun