Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big 3-0

Okay  I have to admit that I am a bit of a birthday snob.  I like my birthday to be about me.  With that said I have had some disappointing birthdays ( not anyone's fault but my own).  But I love the excuse of a birthday to not have to cook, change diapers, or anything that I don't feel like doing.  So this year was the big 30.  And Jaden knowing my attitude of birthdays, he asked me what I would like to do.  I said that I wanted it filled with my favorite things.  So that meant Family, Friends and Fun.  We decided to do a BBQ (I love them!) including beef, chicken and of course pineapple.  I was a bit of a slacker with taking pictures because I wanted to just enjoy the day but here goes:

The Cake:  My favorite, Banana Split Cake
SO my mom was kind enough to make my favorite that I have had many a time on my birthday. It was tradition in my family that you got to pick out what kind of cake you got on your birthday so for many, many of my birthdays we had Banana Split cake.  Also a family tradition, the one with the birthday got to take the first bite, so --"Well, Happy Birthday Celia!" 

My Parents: The reason I even have a birthday
My friends Kristal and Cara- my friends for pretty much 30 years.
My mom enjoying the babies at the party: Kolby and Brooklyn
The weather cooperated perfectly.  It was such good weather so some of the kids could eat outside.  Claire, Kayda, and Emmett (representing his family)
Some of the kids playing with the last bit of snow.
We did try to start up some Dance, Dance Revolution.  It didn't quite get going.  Maybe next time we will just have a Dance, Dance Revolution competition (so practice up y'all)
The goods!  So I really don't care that much about presents (as long as I have one to open)  But this year I really scored.  I have already used all of my presents! (well I still waiting for the flowers to bloom and use the beef and pineapple, but they will get used!)  It is like everyone knew what I wanted and needed.
The After Party:
The after the after party:
Ally had planned to stay the night and come to church with us so we could keep on celebrating.  We convinced Kathy to stay too since she had late church.  So I got to party ALL day.
It was seriously a perfect birthday!! Thanks everybody!


bethany said...

I'm so glad that you had a great day! I'm sorry we missed it-hooray for Kit! :)

The Hunts said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! We wish we could have celebrated with you!!!!!!

Kristal said...

Aww, that was a killer party! Thanks for inviting us. Could I look any scarier in that picture though...yikes! So where are your dolls? Post!