Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have a Family Tree

And it is a big one!! Last week was my neice, Holly's baptism.  Maria, Ian, and the girls all rode with me.  It was a jolly trip.  Maren flew in and picked up my grandparents so we were able to see alot of family.
Kayda and her cousin "friends".  We had to take a picture before Kayda's hair got pulled out and Claire's curls died.
Kolby and Payne grandparents

Duane and his Hunt girls ( and boy in the belly)
Stacey getting her snuggles.

I love baptisms!  I love the spirit that you can feel.  Kayda the past couple days has talked about Holly being baptized.  We also had fun playing will all the cousins afterwards.  It is always fun to have a good excuse for a party!

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The Hunts said...

your pictures are so cute. I found my camera, but the pictures baptism pictures are on Stacey's camera and she can't find her chord. I might need you to e-mail them to me!