Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Okay Beware! I am going to try to make up for lost time and blog everyday (at least that is the plan) until I have all of the posts done that I want done. So first off Thanksgiving! Since no one was deciding what they wanted to do for Thanksgiving and me and Jaden decided we would do it at our house. We had been working on our back room but obviously never finished it- so we had Thanksgiving in "kayda's room". It was the first time I had ever made turkey (scary). And Maria's veggie platter was fancier than mine so I might be demoted next time- cranberry sauce in a can maybe?? Anyway my plan was to have fun whatever happend and I did!

The kids playing Monsters Inc.

The little payson girls

The Feast

Eating in "Kayda's room"

Mom , Dad, and Kolby
The after party puzzle at the Hancocks'
I am so thankful for many things:
My family, Friends, Low maintenance baby, A two year old that knows how to make me laugh,
A husby that loves me, A home (character and all), Being able to stay home with my kiddos,
The gospel , and having the opportunity to enjoy each day and the surprises that come with it.

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You are so creative!