Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3rd Time is a Charm

It is fun now that Kayda is getting big enough to get Christmas. I taught her how to sing Santa Claus is coming to Town. Well it started out with her singing,"Santa Claus is coming to my house" and then it went to,"Santa Claus is coming tonight" and finally to,"Santa Claus is coming to town." The other day when we drove down to the valley I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was writing a letter to santa. I asked her what it said and she started out saying,"Dear Santa..."(I couldn't hear the rest-except I did hear the word Barbie)

I keep finding "letters to Santa" everywhere. Ilove it!


Celia said...

Coming from a kindergarten teacher, I must say that Kayda has some great pre-writing skills!

Alona said...

Kayda is so cute - she looks just like you! I loved hearing her read her letters to Santa when we were playing "what if." It was great to see you guys!